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Kadoo Traditional Dancers

Our young dancers are the daughters of our people sharing their culture through performance, sharing the connection the Yuin have with continued storytelling that has passed down from mother to daughter, father to son for generations. 

Kadoo Dancers are offering a dynamic performance package showcasing Yuin/Dharrawal talent, these dances all stem from Yuin dreaming teachings. Even though our performers are young Kadoo Dancers have danced at Local, Regional and State events, plus Sporting and private bespoked experience days.

Our dancers are a dynamic group of Indigenous women and young girls all wanting to share 


All dances are complemented with smoking ceremony,  interpretation and interactive engagement with audience. The kids love it! 

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Kadoo Maliyan Aboriginal Dance Group 

Our Kadoo Maliyan dancers are a combined group of proud young Aboriginal girls from Dharrawal/Yuin, Wiradjuri and Bundjalung peoples. 

They come together to share in their cultures, sharing knowledge from each of their countries and connecting through song and dance to bring you a dynamic showcase of traditional and contemporary dances shared with them by their elders and mob. 

Let them share with your culture through song and dance.

Call or Email to speak with Kadoo to book our dancers to add something special to your event

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