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Kadoo Indigenous Experiences 

Tim passed into the dreaming on 1st August 2022. This is his legacy, to share culture, care for country and showcase his people and communities to bring about love, respect and care for all things big and small. 

Tim Ella a proud Yuin man is the inspiration for Kadoo Indigenous Experiences. He was the owner and co-founder and ran Kadoo from 2015 to 2019. It is his stories, culture and history that is shared by his daughter Latoya and nieces Sharon and Ashweeni. 

The saying by Pop Max 

"Give it away to Keep it" - Max Djarla Dulumunmun Harrison

stayed with Tim for many years and through his children and grandchildren that is the aim of Kadoo. To share knowledge of the Mother, Culture and his people to bring respect, understanding and care of country from all Australians and Peoples of the world. 

We at Kadoo give thanks for our creators in allowing the time we had learning, sharing and sitting with Tim. A great Husband, Father, Teacher and Knowledge holder of his peoples. 

Tim Ella missed by all, loved by many and will be remembered for generations 18th June 1969 - 01 August 2022



Our Culture, Our People, Our Way

Meet the Team

Our Team is made up of proud Aboriginal women descendants of the Dhawarral, Walbunja, Djiringanj and Gunai/Kurnai peoples. 

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